enVOGUE is a new virtual brand in Second Life, that was born from the passion for 3D modeling and love for hairstyle.

          My best ally but the biggest enemy is that I always try to achieve perfection even if it is relative.

          Even if enVOGUE is a new brand in Second Life, I have several years of experience in 3D modeling and design... so this is not new for me.

          My GOAL is to always come up with new creations enVOGUE, of the highest quality that reflects originality, creativity and talent.

          What you should expect to find in my store:

▶ Amazing and always enVOGUE hairstyles

▶ Highest Quality mesh HAIR

▶ The most Realistic hair textures

▶ The Best rigged hair

         Always you can contact me in world or on Blog contact form if you have a question that is not in FAQ, or if you want to share with me what kind of hairstyles you would like to find in my store ... or just because you want to say hi :)

Don't forget QUALITY matters!

Hugs from Casandra Rain

Enjoy enVOGUE!