FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

► I need customer support, how can I get help?

You can get in touch with us, by filling up the contact form that can be found on this blog, or contact us in world Casandra Rain

► I bought an item but didn't receive it in my inventory, can you help me?

If you didn't received the item that you bought, then please visit our redelivery terminal that can be found in our store.

► I bought same hairstyle twice by mistake, can I get a refund?

We can give you in return an other hairstyle of your choice, but we can't refund money back. All we need is a notecard with your transaction history with the double purchase.

► I had purchased an hairstyle from your store, but I don't like it anymore. Can I get a refund or exchange?

No, we can't give you a refund or exchange. That's why we have DEMO for all our hairstyles. Please try always the DEMO before any purchase.

► How can I find enVOGUE store in world?


► Do you have a marketplace store?


► Can I suggest you about what kind of hairstyles I would love to find in enVOGUE store?

We are very open and more then happy to any suggestion. Please send us a notecard with pictures or Links and detailed description to Casandra Rain

► I'm a blogger and I would like to apply to receive some sample copies to be reviewed. What should I do?

If you would like to review our hairstyles, please visit REVIEW POLICIES for more information.

► I would love to be your model. Can that happen?

You came in the right place! We are always searching for models. Join our in world group to find when we run a contest.

► Can I have a custom hairstyle?

We don't have time to take custom orders, but are happy to receive any suggestion.

► How can I find out about enVOGUE new releases, gifts, events and sales?

Please join us in world Group, Subscriber, Facebook, Flickr where we will make the announcements.